bethesda just kicked off e3 with a nuke

Just a few thoughts from tonight's press conference from Bethesda before we really dig into everything this week. I, personally, was ridiculously excited for tonight. I have been waiting for Fallout 4 for a very long time and seeing it in action and what has been added is a dream come true. Everything looks amazing. From the character creation and the modding/building that has been added in to the return of VATS and the ol' trusty Pip-Boy, this game does not look to disappoint anyone. That $119.99 Pip-Boy Edition that was announced (and is so, so very awesome) is up for pre-order at Amazon and Best Buy already. So many more thoughts and impressions on Fallout 4 coming later in the week.

Doom looked great and I loved that they added in "finishers" in close combat with demons. I felt like it was going to be a really fast paced, adrenaline kind of game from how ID Software made it sound, but it kind of played out a little slow for me. I was expecting a Unreal Tournament/Titanfall kind of pace and it felt a little safe at the very least. It was almost like they were being careful to not drop the framerate at E3 or something, even though the game is just under a year from release still. That being said, I have some high hopes that the end result will be a fun shooter that will be reminiscent of the Doom franchise.

If you're a fan of Dishonored, then you had a great night as D2 was announced as well as a Definitive Edition of the original game for Xbox One and Playstation 4 with all DLC included. Nothing shocking here, but I really enjoyed the trailer. The female lead was a great choice and it looks to build on the success of it's predecessor. The definitive edition of Dishonored will be hitting shelves in August from the looks around the web tonight.

They also announced an Elder Scrolls card strategy game for Pc and iPad called Legends. Very interesting idea that looked pretty cool on screen and seemed to get the crowd excited. Not much was said of it other than a quick trailer that revealed the title, but a unique and interesting announcement.

Battlecry looks pretty cool as well, but was more of a name drop and quick trailer than a real in depth look into the game. ESO obviously was talked about and they showed some new content coming this year for the latest console release.

Overall, some amazing stuff but Fallout 4 stole the show by far. It was obvious that they held this conference to show fans what they've been working on for over 4 years, I'm really glad that they decided to give it the stage and show it deserved.

E3 has officially begun! Stay tuned to Hitbox Hero for more E3 thoughts this week!