e3 2016: sony conference recap.

Cue the orchestra. Sony had a great conference at E3 this year showing off plenty of games for the future of Playstation and announcing a release date for their upcoming VR headset. Set with an amazing live orchestra playing along with every trailer and demo, Sony's conference was beautiful and something more gaming conferences should take notes from. That being said, let's break down the games that were shown and when we can expect to actually be playing them.

Game / Platform / Release Date

God Of War / Playstation 4 / TBD

Once the orchestra started playing, we knew we were about to see what Santa Monica Studios has been working on with God of War. Several surprises once the demo actually started. The first being a new, Last of Us-style, camera bringing the perspective behind Kratos giving us a much closer view. We're also seeing Norse God mythology take over in the new installment, which looks really cool in the demo. We did learn that God of War isn't a reboot but more of a new beginning for Kratos and his son. God of War does not have a release date as of yet.

Days Gone / Playstation 4 / TBD

Much like God of War, Day's Gone seems to take a cue or two from Naughty Dog's survival horror game, The Last of Us. This time not just from the camera work, but also content. We were shown a demo of the newly announced game and it mainly consisted of the main character trying to escape from an enormous horde of zombies. This was one of the coolest games Sony showed at E3 by far. We didn't get a release window for Day's Gone, but when it does release, it will be exclusive to the Playstation 4. One has to think that The Last of Us 2 must be a few years away still if Sony plans to release this next year.

The Last Guardian / Playstation 4 / October 25, 2016

We didn't see another demo of The Last Guardian, which was actually a little surprising, but we did get the most important detail at E3: The release date. The Last Guardian is releasing in October this year. We did see a new trailer with that date, which was very cool. There is a collector's edition of the game available for pre-order as well. Sony only showed a few games that are actually coming out this year and this one seems to be their biggest. The Last Guardian is Playstation exclusive and again, will be out in October.

Horizon Zero Dawn / Playstation 4 / February 2016

Horizon Zero Dawn, obviously, had a big presence at Sony's show. The game is releasing sooner than later and we were treated to a new demo. In that demo we saw the player making numerous choices in combat and dialogue. We got to see how to tame a mount and fight whilst riding said mount and it was glorious. We learned to be smart before just randomly killing everything in sight as some offer scrap/loot for being taken down a certain way and that stuff is beneficial in the game. Horizon Zero Dawn looks gorgeous and will release, exclusively for Playstation 4, in February.

Detroit: Become Human / Playstation 4 / TBD

One of the most interesting games at E3 was shown from one of the most interesting studios in the industry, Quantic Dream. The makers of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls are back with Detroit: Become Human. We've seen tidbits of this game before E3 and are extremely excited for it. The amount of choice and the ability to create your own story as you go is awesome. In the E3 trailer we are shown a scenario and several of the outcomes that depend on the players choice and research. Quantic Dream are known for game changing player decision storylines and this game looks to capitalize on that. Detroit does not have a release date yet, but will release on Playstation 4 when it ultimately does.

Resident Evil VII: Biohazard / Playstation 4, PSVR / January 24, 2017

I don't think anyone watching the conference knew what this game was or what it could even be. First person perspective and creepy as all hell, we were finally graced with a logo at the end revealing it to be the seventh installment in the Resident Evil franchise. Biohazard is a full VR title and is playable from start to finish on Sony's upcoming VR headset. We still don't have any idea where the story is going from previous RE titles but there is a small demo available for download via the Playstation store if you want to check it out. Sadly, it has been confirmed that the demo is NOT part of the final Biohazard game, but it will give you a test drive into what is coming for RE:VII when it releases in January for Playstation and PSVR.

Farpoint / PSVR / TBD

VR is really starting to pick up steam and obviously Sony had some first party games to show off with their headset launching later this year. Farpoint is one of their better looking VR titles so far. We were shown a small trailer where we see the player on a hostile alien planet looking for lost scientists and the game looks very cool. I can only imagine how much better this game will be in VR considering the environment. Farpoint looks to be a launch window title for the PSVR headset, so it's possible it might release this year, but Sony has not disclosed anything as of yet.

Star Wars Battlefront: X Wing VR Mission / PSVR / TBD

We saw a snippet of a trailer for the new Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission and it was enough to excite. Every Star Wars fans dream is to pilot an X-Wing and be able to look around the cockpit and interact with the controls. This is the first step into really creating a Star Wars game that makes you feel like you're in that universe. We haven't seen much yet, but we'll assume this will make it's debut with PSVR later this year.

Batman Arkham VR / PSVR / October 2016

The Arkham series is back with a VR game for Playstation and the game aims at letting you actually put on Batman's cowl for the first time and see what being a vigilante is all about. A very interesting concept that I'm definitely intrigued on, we'll have to see what this looks like with a VR headset on before making any assumptions. As with any of these announced VR titles, it sounds great, but how it functions inside the VR environment is what will either make it great or lackluster. Arkham VR launches with the PSVR headset in October.

Final Fantasy XV / Playstation 4, Xbox One / September 30, 2016

We saw a new trailer for FFXV at Sony's show instead of the live demo that took place at Microsoft's round. Not surprising to see something here, even though it wasn't anything new. At this point, Sony just needs to show some games that Playstation fans can expect to play this year. The live demo we saw earlier in the day was great and there was no need to show it running on a PS4. FFXV launches on September 30 for Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Final Fantasy XV VR Experience / PSVR / TBD

After the trailer for FFXV, we knew we were going to see something for the VR Experience of the game. They showed us a small trailer that really looks like fun. Again, it's really hard to speculate on VR games until you have the hardware on, but at least from what we've seen as a concept, this looks to be a really cool experience for FFXV players. The VR experience will be a free add on to those who purchase the PS4 version of the base game and will be added as DLC when it is ready after the headset launches in October.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare / Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC / November 4, 2016

What used to be a Microsoft staple, we now get to see the new CoD demoed at Sony's conference. Infinite Warfare takes the series to space and by the looks of the demo, seems to do that pretty well. The lack of gravity makes the gameplay look really fun and inventive. There's a slew of new gadgets at your disposal and plenty of ways to clear out an area. As an added bonus, the Legacy Edition of the game will include a remastered version of Modern Warfare, which is a fan favorite of the series to date. Playstation users will also get a 30-day head start on the campaign of Modern Warfare's remaster. Infinite Warfare will release on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 4th.

Crash Bandicoot Remastered / Playstation 4 / TBD

Highly speculated to be returning for a long time, Crash is officially coming back to Playstation. While many were assuming he would be back in a reboot/sequel sort of capacity, it seems that we will instead be getting the first 3 Crash Bandicoot games remastered from top to bottom for the PS4. No release date has been set, but it does seem they will be released as a collection. Those who are eager to see Crash sooner than later can check him out in Skylanders Imaginators later this year, which will also see Crash hit the Nintendo Wii U for the very first time as well.

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens / Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC / June 28, 2016

With only 2 weeks until release, it was surprising that Sony had a Lego Star Wars trailer at their conference. The only explanation could have been that they had some kind of exclusive content to announce. So, even more surprising, the announcement was a playable demo of the game exclusive to Playstation users with just 2 weeks until launch. Somewhat strange, still awesome considering how excited we are for the game's release. Lego Star Wars: TFA will release on June 28 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Death Stranding / Playstation 4 / TBD

We knew it was coming. It wasn't going to take long for Hideo Kojima to announce what his new studio was working on. It also wasn't shocking to see him team up with the cancelled Silent Hills star, Norman Reedus. We were shown an announcement trailer that delivered way more questions than anything, but that's probably what Kojima was fishing for. He said after the show that the game doesn't even have a game engine yet, so it's hard to tell what this game might be about or if it will even be still called Death Stranding when it releases in the distant future. I wouldn't expect this game for 2-3 years.

Spider-Man / Playstation 4 / TBD

Insomniac Games does it again with an awesome E3 announcement that made so many Playstation owners happy. Spider-Man has had many games in the past. Most recently Amazing Spider-Man 2, which was pretty awful overall. That being said, the missing piece in almost every single Spider-Man game has been a decent storyline. With Insomniac at the helm, this game might actually give Spider-Man what the Arkham trilogy gave to Batman, a great comic book video game. The small announcement trailer was enough to get us excited and knowing that the new Spider-Man: homecoming film comes out next year, we would expect this to be a 2017 release.

Sony's conference was top notch in terms of game quality and presentation. One thing we wish we would have saw more of are exclusive titles coming sooner rather than later, but the ones we did see were top notch. Sony also announced that their VR headset with launch on October 13 of this year for $399. They also say that 50 games will be available for PSVR this year. We will have to wait and see if that becomes reality or if the 50 games will include Farpoint since REVII: Biohazard is a January title. Overall a lot of great games are coming for Playstation fans in the future, hopefully sooner than later.


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