massive splatoon update incoming.

Are you ready?

Nintendo just announced the details for the much anticipated August Splatoon update. Why should we be excited about a simple game update, you ask? The sheer amount of content. That's why.

Splatoon will be receiving a multitude of enhancements ten days from now. Some of which we knew about previously, others we are just finding out about. First off, we're going to be able to wrap our tentacles around some new weapon types -- a beastly-looking Gatling gun, dubbed the "Splatling", and the "Slosher".. which is a bucket of paint. No seriously, a bucket of paint to drench your foes with! So awesome! Along with the new weapons types, we will also be getting more gear (over 40 pieces) added to the different clothing shops to customize our inklings with.

Most interestingly for this update is the inclusion of "Squad Battle" and "Private Battle". Squad Battle will finally allow you to form a team prior to matchmaking and take said team into battle. No. More. Randoms! From here you will be able to battle other squads who have queued up to tackle the different Ranked Battles together. Squad Battle allows for a team of two or four, so there will never really be an odd man out. From what I have gathered, players will always be paired and must be paired to join up. I like this. A lot. 

Next up is Private Battle, which is essentially a closed lobby for you and your friends to finally have a dick drawing contest in peace. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Seriously though, this mode will allow for custom rules and anything goes! 4v4, 1v4, 3v2, or any combination you like for the allotted 8-player matches.

Finally, Ranked and Regular modes will be having their rank/level-caps raised, respectively. Ranked Battle players will now have the bar raised even higher, as (S) and (S+) now reign over the previously highest ranks of (A) and (A+). Regular Battle players will now be able to raise their level from 20 to 50.

As you can see, Nintendo has laid out a a squidtastic smörgåsbord of new content and features for us to savor. The best part is that Nintendo also stated they will continue to procedurally add more content, such as new weapons, maps and the much anticipated "Rainmaker Battle Mode"!

Okay, I guess I lied. That wasn't the best part. The best part of this all is that it is FREE! That's right. Nintendo has not spoken of paid DLC, yet, so all of the above mentioned will be free for our little squid hearts to enjoy. I am personally super stoked for these new features and those yet to come! Splatoon has really been delivering and I am eager to see what else lies beyond the horizon! Get your splat practice in. This update drops on August 5th! Staaaay fresh! ★