quakecon 2015 delivers more fallout 4 details

Bethesda has presented a new demo for Fallout 4 at QuakeCon, which has provided a little more detail into the game. Todd Howard took the stage to showcase some new footage to fans. Most notably, Howard discussed several potential companions that you can partner with in the new wasteland. Of course, you can choose to have man's best friend at your side or maybe a member of the opposite sex? There are a dozen companions in Fallout 4 and this time around they can be romanced. Meaning, you can fall in love, level up together, and then have a fight and toss your ex into the path of a deathclaw. Tempting...

Howard also showed off just how much modeling was done to various characters in the game. For example, Mr. Handy is modeled on the inside and out, which is really cool. He says that they did this to ensure that if he gets blown to bits in the game, you'll be able to mourn over his robotic corpse and see every bit of his technical insides. No offense, Mr. Handy, but that's just awesome. They have been spending a lot of time on details (which makes sense since they've been developing the game since Fallout 3 released).

Fallout Shelter was also on stage again at QuakeCon. This time with a release date on the Android version of the game: August 13. Also releasing that day is an update for the game that brings in some new attacks and a friendly face. Mr. Handy and deathclaws will be added into the mix with the former helping to keep your supplies in check.

New Doom multiplayer footage was also shown at the convention and it looks chaotic and fun as hell. Even by simply watching the E3 presentation this year, you know that Doom is aiming for pure, unrealistic fun. It's gory and violent and everything we've come to know and love over the years. The alpha testing for the game is starting relatively soon and we can't wait to test out that beta code we received with Wolfenstein: The New Order last year.

Several Bethesda games have been marked down on Steam and other sites to celebrate QuakeCon, so if you have a PC and want to invest some time in Fallout or Elder Scrolls, go get the cheap bundles they have on sale while they last!

Fallout 4 is due out November 10 on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. Doom is due out next spring 2016.