star wars battlefront: thoughts on the beta and season pass.

We have officially one month until the launch of the highly anticipated, Star Wars Battlefront and the beta only seemed to feed EA more pre-order copies. It was a fun 6 day ride battling Storm Troopers, At-At's, and even Darth Vader at times. The beta was just a glimpse of what is to come and only offered 3 game modes to test out, but no one complained. We've been waiting for this beta all year and we played over and over again and died... a lot. It's simply an addictive game.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the beta was how unbalanced the sides are on Walker Assault. I played a few rounds here and as soon as I spawned as a Rebel I couldn't help but awe in the glorious set of Hoth before me. It was beautiful. Then I died. Staying alive as a Rebel in that game mode was a difficult task and sometimes, just impossible. You're basically in the wrong side of a shooting gallery, and it's still fun. You die a lot as a Rebel but when you get a kill, it just feels that much better. And if you win... well, "XBOX, RECORD THAT!"

EA gets a lot right with the gameplay and has the same high speed action that Titanfall had when released (That game also was addictive... for a few months, mind you). The dedicated servers are fantastic, at least for the beta while everyone wanted to play it. The game practically throws you into a game instantaneously and you don't have to worry about the host leaving the match (*cough* HALO 4 *cough*). Once you're in the game, dying is inevitable. The beautiful thing is just how fast you're back into the action. The game keeps your momentum going and it feeds your addiction. 

Unlocks and leveling look really interesting as well. I found myself just trying to earn enough to buy the dreaded blaster that everyone seemed to be using against me. There is also a really interesting "Partner"  feature that allows you to pick a partner in the battlefield that you can share equipment with. So, if you load your gear up with an added rifle, shield, and grenade while your partner has a jetpack that you decide you need in the middle of a match, you can swap to their gear. Your partner is also marked differently on your screen so you know where they are.

While I was enjoying the beta, EA announced the season pass for the game. Much like the dreaded Batman Arkham Knight season pass, EA has opted to ONLY share the price with us, which is an astonishingly high $50. Arkham Knight's came in at $40 with no details other than that gamers would receive multiple DLC packs over a 6 month period of time. Battlefront seems to be eager to grab as much money as possible before launch. My advice? Just get the game and when they release the content of the pass and you're interested, then buy it. Don't buy a $50 pass to something that contains content you have no idea about and that won't release until a later date. The good news? A season pass is also available when the content ACTUALLY releases. Good news for us smart gamers!

Long story short, Battlefront is fun and addictive if the beta speaks for it. I'm excited to see all of the other game modes and unlocks as well as the rest of the Star Wars universe come to life the right way in a video game. This game will definitely serve as a great "break game" from the many hours I'll have already accumulated in Fallout 4.